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Induction Training:

All new members of staff will be put through an 12 week on going induction-training programme.

The induction training will involve a three-day’s orientation programme at the start of employment; this includes shadowing an experienced care support worker prior to taking responsibility themselves.  All staff will complete the Common Induction Standards, inclusive of the following:


  1. 1.The role of a health & social care worker
  2. 2.Personal development
  3. 3.To communicate effectively
  4. 4.Diversity, equality & Inclusion
  5. 5.Principles of implementing duty of care
  6. 6.Principles of safeguarding in health & social care
  7. 7.Person centred planning & support
  8. 8.Health & safety in a social care setting
  9. 9.Well Being Act
  10. 10.Continence Training
  11. 11.Sensory Loss
  12. 12.Recording Documentation
  13. 13.Confidentially Training
  14. 14.Code of Practice of Social Care


Job Specific Training 

The ability to perform tasks to a satisfactory standard in order to meet the requirements of a job description can necessitate training to enable individuals to acquire the necessary skills.  Such as Moving & Positioning, First Aid, Food Hygiene, Medication, Mental Capacity, Infection Control, Dementia training, Palliative Care, Challenging behaviour, Substance misuse, Buccal, Peg Feeding and Epilepsy.